Staffer Research

As well as spending their time as peer tutors in our Writing Center, our staffers also engage in research projects in the field of Writing Center Studies that have been featured in journals and presented at conferences. Here is a collection of previous and ongoing Writing Center research projects undertaken by current and former TUWC staffers. 

Emma Masur '20
Course Embedded Tutoring, New Genres, and the Small College Environment: An Exploration and Reflection
Offers insights into course-embeddeded tutoring initiatives based in writing centers through reflection and research collected from anonymous surveys
Kate McMahan Baughman '18
Notes from the Grey Space: An Open Letter to Instructors Participating in Course-Embedded Tutoring Programs
Uses findings from interviews with course-embedded staffers in a small pilot program to offer insights on program development and implementation
Jordan Long '18 and Katherine Tucker '18
Creativity, Collaboration, Community: The Transylvania University Writing Center
Showcases new location, ongoing initiatives, and campus impact
Katie Coyer '17
Connecting Writing Centers to Libraries, from an Undergraduate Tutor's Perspective: a Brief Literature Review
Offers thoughtful summaries of scholarship connecting library-based research workshops to writing center practices
Elizabeth Burton '16
Facing Harry Denny: Or, Facing Nationality in the Small College Writing Center
Connects a staffers own experiences in a semester-long writing support initiative to discussions of diversity and inclusion